Big Red Catskiing Rossland BC Canada
  • Expert groups
    Challenge yourself in a powder paradise!
  • Guides who love their jobs!
    Ski or ride 360 degrees off of 8 peaks!
  • Advanced groups
    Take your powder skiing to a new level!
  • Intermediate groups
    Backcountry powder skiing with no pressure!
  • Uber-Expert groups
    Mandatory cliffs and super steeps
  • More snowcats than any other operation
    5 passenger cats and 4 roadbuilder/backup
  • Big Red Cats
    Welcome Centre at the base of Red Mountain
  • Guides that Love their Jobs!
    Ski or Ride 360 Degrees off of 8 Peaks!
  • Expert Groups
    Challenge Yourself in a Powder Paradise!
  • Advanced Groups
    Take your Powder Skiing to a New Level!
  • Intermediate Groups
    Experience Backcountry Powder Skiing!
  • Uber Expert Groups
    The Steepest and Deepest!
  • More Snowcats than any other Operation
    Up to 4 Groups Per Day and 4 Backup / Road Builders

Online Avi Course & Briefing

Please find a link to the course below:

BRC Online Avi Course

This course is here to give you a head start on understanding the procedures that we expect all guests to know when skiing/boarding with us.  They are also vital skills to have a strong grasp on when out skiing and boarding with friends. 

The course is not going to replace our safety briefing, however if you take it, it will potentially give us more skiing time as everyone will understand the content that we cover before they arrive.

Thanks and I hope you like it!

Ability Levels

Please choose your ability level when booking.  If you are booking for a group of people pick the level which suits the slowest in your group.  There is a fair bit of overlap between Advanced, Advanced/Expert, and Expert.  We have posted detailed descriptions of each level on the website, but here is a general overview:
Über-Expert:  Hucking cliffs all day, and they never chicken-out.  If the guide can do it, they can do it.  Fit, young, fast, confident, and unforgiving.   Less than 5% of scheduled trips, plus a few "private" groups.
Expert Enjoy double-black ski runs, untroubled by steep drops, cliff bands, and some tight trees.  They want to jump of some things, but also have a choice of going around.  Very experienced, fit, fast, and looking to do a lot of runs. ~30% of trips
Advanced/Expert:  Happy to ski expert terrain, but more slowly.  Stronger Advanced skiers, who don't want to be the slowest in an expert group, or are trying to avoid being grouped with intermediate skiers who accidentally sign up for Advanced.  Rarely jump off anything, but are tempted by the odd roll or small feature.  A bit faster than advanced, and enjoy a bit more steep.  Lots of snowboarders who are worried that anything easier won't be steep enough to keep going.  Lots of guys in their 50's and 60's who used to be Expert, and ski efficiently but don't want to risk the body anymore.  ~30% of trips
Advanced:  Enjoys black diamond runs, and the odd double-black, but really doesn't enjoy jumping off things.  Stops a couple of times on the way down.  Competent skiers in all snow conditions, but not overly judgemental.  ~25% of trips
Intermediate/Advanced: Enjoys black diamond runs, but a bit more slowly, and some blues.  Maybe a bit slower than Advanced, but skiing Advanced terrain.  ~5% of trips
Intermediate:  Enjoys blue runs at resorts, and some blacks.  Needs to stop sometimes.  Some trepidation in the trees and some, but not a lot, of experience in deep snow.  Prefers more open, less steep terrain, and may like some coaching in skiing powder.  Less than 5% of trips
Screen Shot 2019 11 28 at 3.01.22 PM



We provide each guest with a pack including probe and shovel, as well as a transceiver and a radio.  There are also a limited number of avi bags available for rent for $39/day if interested.  

Each group has a lead guide and tail guide, and more often than not, a third guide/photographer or practicum guide.

Please watch these videos before coming cat skiing with us.   

Video 1 is about how how transceivers work,

Video 2 is about probing,

Video 3 is about digging,

Video 4 is a general hazard briefing,

Video 5 shows the effect of GoPros on our transceivers,

Video 6. shows the effect that cell phones have on our transceivers.  

Video 7. looks at risk and relative risk of cat skiing and changing goals for conditions.    

If you have any questions please call or email us.  

Part 1. Transceivers



Part 2. Probing.


Part 3. shoveling and digging


Part 4 General hazard briefing 

Video 5 - effect of GoPros on Tranceivers


Video 6. effect of cell phones on Transceivers


Video 7. How risky is cat skiing?   This video looks at historical risk - future risk levels may be different.



Electronic devices - BRC policy

  1. Let your guide know know what electronic devices that you have?
    1. Cell Phone
    2. Heated glove 
    3. Gopro
    4. Cameras
    5. Heated sock and boots
    6. Battery heated jacket/vest.
    7. Other
  2. Turn cell phones and other electronics completely off at the start of the run (if possible).   We don't want guest to go to just “Airplane Mode” - but completely off.
  3. Any electronics that you don’t want to turn off should be stowed in a pocket, or pack at least 20cm away from your beacon.
  4. Keep all sources of metal, from shovel blades to food wrappers, at least 20cm away from your beacon.   T
  5. If it’s time to search, turn your cell phone completely off, but keep your guest radios on.   Check that all other electronic are turned off (heated gloves, Gopros etc.)
  6. If you suspect unavoidable interference is negatively impacting your beacon readings when searching - alert guide ASAP by radio or voice. 
  7. GoPro and other POV cameras are allowed during catskiing operations but only helmet mounted or on a pole. Chest mounts, or WiFi/phone pairing functions are prohibited (as we are requiring guests to wear their tranceiver in the middle of their body).   These all must be turned off in an emergency when the team is switching to search. 
  8. Bluetooth and Wifi options on DSLR Cameras must be turned off for the normal skiing day.

Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions or questions.


BRC has some great partners.   One of of our core values is teamwork.   We view our partners as an important part of our team.   

Bergans of Norway - is a Norwegian company that makes awesome gear.   The guide team used the Bergans gear last winter (jackets, pants, base layers and puffy jackets) and it was really warm, comfortable, and durable.   We all will be in Bergans gear again for the 2016 winter.    Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.


bergens of norway Logo

BRC guide jackets 2016.  


Bergens Image Isogaisa Ins Jkt BrRed DkMaro BrSea L 1723467877


Mammut is our transceiver supplier - we have used the Mammut Pulse for several years now.

Rossignol is our ski supplier - most of our rental fleet consists of Soul 7 powder skis, and many of our guides are also on Rossis.



Three Bedroom Condo Slalom Creek

We own a great 3 bedroom condo in Slalom Creek which we can package for you.

C$499 per night. (sleeps 6)  We have only one of these, so it books out fast.

  • slalom 10 - 053 bedrooms 
  • Great private hot tub - on Balcony
  • Gourmet Kitchen 
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Steam shower
  • Gym in building
  • Closest building to ski ski lifts
  • Heated underground parking.
  • Short 50 meter walk to BRC welcome centre and Fresh
  • Cinema and games room in the building

Bed configuration:

  • Bedroom 1 Master - 2 King singles - can be put together as 1 King size bed, or used as 2 separate beds 
  • Bedroom 2 - 2 single beds
  • Bedroom 3 - Bunk bed with single top and double lower 
  • Living room - queen size (really comfortable) sofa bed.



slalom 10 - 08














slalom 10 - 09

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