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  • Intermediate Groups
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  • Guides that Love their Jobs!
    Ski or Ride 360 Degrees off of 8 Peaks!
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  • More Snowcats than any other Operation
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  • Expert Groups
    Challenge Yourself in a Powder Paradise!
  • Advanced Groups
    Take your Powder Skiing to a New Level!

March 6, 2012

Hello world

Some bad news followed by some good news, for the next few days we will be going through a warm spell, unfortunately hitting a high of 12 degrees and sunny for Friday, but following the nice warm spring style skiing we will be receiving what should be a good snow fall for Sunday and Monday, so pray to Ullr for this snow fall. Other than that we have some openings in cats for the next week, so if you are in the area and would like to come cat skiing give us a call.  I am on the last leg of my internship only 5 weeks from today and I ll be heading back to the east coast, going from mountains to ocean and small hills.

until next time


So, it has been a while since I last added anything to the blog, so I figure I should let people know what is going on with BigRedCats. Well first of all ITS SNOWING!!! and has been for past week, we have gotten A LOT of snow, which has really really helped us, we were running low for about two weeks, and were starting to get worried. Since the snow has fallen, we have also have broken our previous world record of 4 cats out in a day with adding a 5th Cat. Everything went smoothly and we were all super pumped about it. Since my last update my ribs were bruised and have since healed up enough for me to be able to ski with no pain, and I was able to get out on Wednesday, and enjoy some fresh turns. LOVING IT! if you aren't in the west then you are missing out on some amazing skiing!  anyways I figure this is a good enough update, I will try to do these more often. Till next time.


February 7, 2012

So another week has gone by,

I am currently sitting in the office, on another blue sky day. Good news though the weather is suppose to turn for the better and SNOW is on its way!! This has been a week of blue sky days and above zero temps, not so good for the snow, but good for getting goggle tans. Over the weekend I was able to get my level 1 AST course so pretty pumped for that, but got injured and ended up bruising some ribs, so I will be out for a week or so, or until the snow gets deeper. Anyways Hope all is well to everyone, PRAY TO THE SNOW GODS FOR LARGE DUMPS!

January 28, 2012

Hello World

This week is the 115th annual Rossland Winter Carnival, the longest running winter carnival in Canada. Friday there was a parade through the main street of town, with 30 decendents of Olaus Jeldness from Norway, and there were also many Olaus look-a-likes in the parade gunning to get the prize for the best costume. I was fortunate enough to see that, as well as go and see the Ski Bum musical, which I highly reccomend anyone within BC to go see in a ski-town near you. Today Its SNOWING!!! looking like we may get 10cm of fresh stuff. We also have 6 open seats for an advanced Cat, on a standby rate, so $299. So call now before the spots run out.

January 22, 2012


It has snowed everyday so far since Tuesday!!! This snow has really helped cover over all the tracks. Been out twice this week, and all I can say for each day is that it was AMAZING!! We've been working on getting the Contour Cams ready, and will have a short little promo video to show soon probably within the next week. We also just got in the 2013 Rossignol S7's and 2013 Rossignol Super 7's. Thats all for now, thought I would let everyone know the great weather we're having and the updates in the office.

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