Big Red Catskiing Rossland BC Canada
  • Expert groups
    Challenge yourself in a powder paradise!
  • Guides who love their jobs!
    Ski or ride 360 degrees off of 8 peaks!
  • Advanced groups
    Take your powder skiing to a new level!
  • Intermediate groups
    Backcountry powder skiing with no pressure!
  • Uber-Expert groups
    Mandatory cliffs and super steeps
  • More snowcats than any other operation
    5 passenger cats and 4 roadbuilder/backup
  • Big Red Cats
    Welcome Centre at the base of Red Mountain
  • Guides that Love their Jobs!
    Ski or Ride 360 Degrees off of 8 Peaks!
  • Advanced Groups
    Take your Powder Skiing to a New Level!
  • Intermediate Groups
    Experience Backcountry Powder Skiing!
  • More Snowcats than any other Operation
    Up to 4 Groups Per Day and 4 Backup / Road Builders
  • Uber Expert Groups
    The Steepest and Deepest!
  • Expert Groups
    Challenge Yourself in a Powder Paradise!


So, it has been a while since I last added anything to the blog, so I figure I should let people know what is going on with BigRedCats. Well first of all ITS SNOWING!!! and has been for past week, we have gotten A LOT of snow, which has really really helped us, we were running low for about two weeks, and were starting to get worried. Since the snow has fallen, we have also have broken our previous world record of 4 cats out in a day with adding a 5th Cat. Everything went smoothly and we were all super pumped about it. Since my last update my ribs were bruised and have since healed up enough for me to be able to ski with no pain, and I was able to get out on Wednesday, and enjoy some fresh turns. LOVING IT! if you aren't in the west then you are missing out on some amazing skiing!  anyways I figure this is a good enough update, I will try to do these more often. Till next time.