Big Red Catskiing Rossland BC Canada

Getting to Big Red Catskiing

Big Red Catskiing - Headquaters at the Base of Red Mountain BC

Big Red Cats HQ is located at 4430 Red Mountain Rd, Rossland BC (Red Mountain resort base).  Once you check in at the office, you can either drive your own vehicle to our snowcat staging area (about 25 minutes north, on Claim Pit Rd, plenty of parking), or a shuttle is available.  You are expected to check in at the office unless you have made arrangements for your whole group of 12 to meet at the staging area.  The office is open by 0730.  Please be there by 0745 - earlier if you are getting ski rental set up.  Make sure to have breakfast beforehand, or the restaurant "Catpuccino" next door is open at 6:45 and serves great brekkie and coffee.

From Spokane:

Rossland and Big Red Cats are a 2.5 hour drive directly north of Spokane, Washington. 

A rental car is the best way to get from Spokane, if there is more than one of you, as it is ready when you land, and you can drop it off right before your return flight.  There are lots of direct flights to Spokane on Southwest, Alaska, and United.

If car rental is not an option, there is a daily shuttle at 2:30pm from the Spokane airport to Rossland and Nelson.  It is $115/person each way and must be booked ahead via  They also provide a shuttle between Rossland and Nelson for $79/person.

Trail BC-based Lasting Impressions Limousine may be also be an option for you, or Spokane-based Bill's Friendly Rides, at 509-951-5445.

In your vehicle, drive north on Division St/ hwy 395  to Colville, then turn right on Williams Lake Rd about a mile or so past the big roundabout on the west end of Colville, then turn right at the end onto hwy 25 and head for Northport and the Frontier border crossing (open 24 hours).  

Here is a link to some info on the border crossing, which operates 24 hours.  Note: If you have ever had a DUI in the States, the Canadian government considers that a felony and will probably not let you into the country.   The guards do have some latitude if the charge is over 10 years old, but it is not guaranteed, so we strongly recommend talking to them in advance.

From the border crossing, drive north to Rossland. At the Esso/Seven Summits Service station, stay on the main road, the left fork (you will pass the Esso station and town of Rossland on your right). Drive about another 3 minutes up the highway, pass the Rock Cut Pub, and then turn left at the overhead flashing yellow light into Red. Red Mountain Road snakes around the Ram's Head Inn property for about a block, and our HQ is on the right in the Red Robs condo building just before the Red Shutter Inn, and the main roundabout. If you're checking in to a Red condo, central reservations is ON the main roundabout.


  1. Fly to Trail, BC (YZZ) - on Pacific Coastal from Vancouver and call Champion Taxi or rent a car from RentAWreck.  Note that a taxi from the Trail airport may cost $75, so try to split it with someone or meet people in the departure lounge and bum a ride from someone on the plane.  The Trail airport does have a better landing record than Castlegar, though the odd flight does get cancelled due to visibility issues.
  2. Fly to Castlegar, BC (YCG) on Air Canada and call Castlegar taxi or rent a car – about ½ an hour to Rossland/Red Mountain.  Note that a taxi from Castlegar can be $100, so try to split it with someone.  Also be aware that it is nicknamed "Cancelgar" due to an abundance of valley fog making  a large number of of flights not land or take off - and you could be turned back to Vancouver or Calgary, or grounded here.
  3. Fly to Spokane, WA (GEG) and rent a car or take a shuttle or limo (must pre-arrange). It is a 2.5 hour drive - 225km from Spokane International Airport, or 140 Miles.  Their landing record is one of the best in North America.  
  4. Fly into Kelowna Airport – 3.5 Hours drive, rent a car.  It's a bit further, but your flight may be cheaper than to Castlegarm with shorter connection times, and they rarely cancel due to weather/visibility.  It is the best way to travel from overseas if you don't want to go through the US.
  5. Private Plane - private planes can be flown into Castlegar or Trail.  If weather is poor, Grand Forks BC can be a good alternate. If you are a full cat and require airport pickup from a BC airport, let us know and we may be able to arrange something for you.  If you are flying from the US, ensure that you pre-clear all of your passengers through Canadian Customs before your trip.  If the weather is good, it is possible to fly a group into Castlegar, and we can transport you to and from the snowcats for a day of skiing and return flight in the same day.
  6. Drive from Seattle - take I90 to Spokane, 6-7 hours
  7. Drive from Calgary - Crows Nest Pass is usually faster, unless you live in the northwest, in which case go via Radium. 7 hours
  8. Drive from Vancouver. via hwy 3, about 8 hours.  

Border Crossings:

Non-Canadian residents will require a passport to enter Canada. Travel Visas (for travelers coming from countries other than the United States) should be arranged prior to travel.
The closest border crossing to Red Resort is at Paterson, British Columbia / Northport, Washington. This border crossing is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to traffic entering Canada or the United States.  If you have a previous DUI or other felony, make sure to check in advance before booking your trip, as Canada probably won't let you in - but if the DUI is more than 5 years old, the border guard may be able to let you in if you ask first or arrange for a TRP or rehabilitation document.

Rental Cars / Shuttles

  • Car rental is usually the most economical and flexible option for groups larger than 2, and it is much more convenient, allowing you to go to different restaurants in town during your stay. The main airports are serviced by most of the major providers, and is off-airport (no airport fee and proper winter tires) and will pick you up at Trail or Castlegar or Kelowna airport.
  • The Kootenay Gateway Mountain Shuttle is a good option for group transport from any airport, including Spokane, to Rossland.  Contact them about individual shuttle tickets as well.
  • Lasting Impressions limo service (250) 368-8188 Goes to Spokane, and has several vehicles available depending on your group size. May be more flexible than the shuttle if you have a later arrival.
  • Castlegar Taxi (250) 365-7222 - if flying into Castlegar. This is metered, but often $100.
  • Champion Cabs (250) 364-3344 - if flying into Trail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Metered, but often over $80.

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