Big Red Catskiing Rossland BC Canada

If you need to cancel due to COVID, your payments are transferable and reschedulable to the next couple of seasons, but they are not refundable.

The Canada/US border is closed to tourists, one month at a time, and this closure has been extended each month, every month, since April.  As we are now within 90 days of the start of the season, we are no longer accepting bookings from people who are not able to commit and pay in full, so we do not recommend that non-Canadians book until they know that they will be permitted to cross the border without quarantine.  That may not happen this season, but we will send out a newsletter as soon as it is announced, if it does happen.

Liability waivers are mandatory, and will be done online in advance instead of meeting in the office in the morning.  You will be advised of your group number in advance, so that you can meet your guides at the staging area or bus without going into the office.

Masks will be required while inside the snowcat.  

In order to keep masks on in the snowcat, all food and drink will be consumed outside the cat, and there will be a lunch break incorporated into the day to facilitate this.

Mixed-groups will use a snowcat with clear vinyl installed between the front and back rows, with separate access doors, in order to compartmentalize groups into separate social bubbles and reduce contamination. Heaters will be installed.

Private groups will continue to use a snowcat without the vinyl divider unless requested.

Mixed group guests are requested to drive their own vehicle to the snowcat staging area in order to minimize interaction with others.  Private groups can self-drive as well or take our shuttle bus, but masks are requested on the shuttle.  Each group has its own separate bus.

In order to limit the number of people, a staff photographer will no longer be assigned to groups.  Private groups who would like to request a photographer may do so in advance, for $375.

Our "Fresh Clubhouse" restaurant will have dinner by advance RESERVATION ONLY, and though we are licensed for 85 persons, we will only have up to 30 at a time this year (two snowcat groups), and priority will be for our cat ski guests.  We will provide a 3 or 4-course set menu online in advance which will change each week.  This way we can ensure the freshest ingredients as possible, and arrange staffing effectively.  If we have more than 30 requests, we may have two dinner sittings, 5:45 and 7:15.  We will be minimizing the amount of time that people are exposed to others by eliminating overlapping reservations.  The restaurant is licensed, but if you prefer, you can bring your own wine, with a $10/bottle corkage fee.  Take-out meals will also be available.  Breakfast will also be available, with breakfast burritos and bacon and egg rolls and coffee available for take-out, or dining-in available by reservation, as tables will be limited.

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