Big Red Catskiing Rossland BC Canada


Are you BETTER than most of the people in the "Expert" group?  Are you worried that if you sign up for "Expert" that there will still be pretenders in the group who will hold you back?  Well, we do our best, but that can happen sometimes, so if you are truly really strong, this is what you do:

Request an "uber-expert" group, if you can handle all of the requirements of "expert" and you also:

  • Like jumps and drops.  Lots of them.  Mandatory air.  All day long, and 20 feet high isn't a problem, possibly more
  • Are super fit and can ski or ride top to bottom all day without a rest
  • Don't chicken out from a jump.  If the guide can do it, you can do it, because there may be no way around where this group goes.
  • Willing to accept the higher degree of risk inherent in skiing this sort of terrain

The "Uber" trips may not be available to book online until you request them, and are less than 5% of our groups.  It is a good idea to book these early before all of the cats are allocated to other groups - there aren't a lot of people who are up to this challenge, but for those who are, Uber-Expert is the only way to go if you aren't able to gather enough of your own friends who you trust to keep up with you, in a private cat.