Big Red Catskiing Rossland BC Canada

Safety at BRC


We provide each guest with a pack including probe and shovel, as well as a transceiver and a radio.  There are also a limited number of avi bags available for rent for $39/day if interested.  

Each group has a lead guide and tail guide, and more often than not, a third guide/photographer or practicum guide.

Please watch these videos before coming cat skiing with us.   

Video 1 is about how how transceivers work,

Video 2 is about probing,

Video 3 is about digging,

Video 4 is a general hazard briefing,

Video 5 shows the effect of GoPros on our transceivers,

Video 6. shows the effect that cell phones have on our transceivers.  

Video 7. looks at risk and relative risk of cat skiing and changing goals for conditions.    

If you have any questions please call or email us.  

Part 1. Transceivers



Part 2. Probing.


Part 3. shoveling and digging


Part 4 General hazard briefing 

Video 5 - effect of GoPros on Tranceivers


Video 6. effect of cell phones on Transceivers


Video 7. How risky is cat skiing?   This video looks at historical risk - future risk levels may be different.



Electronic devices - BRC policy

  1. Let your guide know know what electronic devices that you have?
    1. Cell Phone
    2. Heated glove 
    3. Gopro
    4. Cameras
    5. Heated sock and boots
    6. Battery heated jacket/vest.
    7. Other
  2. Turn cell phones and other electronics completely off at the start of the run (if possible).   We don't want guest to go to just “Airplane Mode” - but completely off.
  3. Any electronics that you don’t want to turn off should be stowed in a pocket, or pack at least 20cm away from your beacon.
  4. Keep all sources of metal, from shovel blades to food wrappers, at least 20cm away from your beacon.   T
  5. If it’s time to search, turn your cell phone completely off, but keep your guest radios on.   Check that all other electronic are turned off (heated gloves, Gopros etc.)
  6. If you suspect unavoidable interference is negatively impacting your beacon readings when searching - alert guide ASAP by radio or voice. 
  7. GoPro and other POV cameras are allowed during catskiing operations but only helmet mounted or on a pole. Chest mounts, or WiFi/phone pairing functions are prohibited (as we are requiring guests to wear their tranceiver in the middle of their body).   These all must be turned off in an emergency when the team is switching to search. 
  8. Bluetooth and Wifi options on DSLR Cameras must be turned off for the normal skiing day.

Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions or questions.