Please before you come cat skiing with us - please watch these videos.   Part 1 is about how how tranceivers work, Part 2 is about probing, Part 3 is about digging. - The 4th safety movie below -  is a general hazard briefing.    Video 5 show the effect of Gopros on our transceivers.  Video 6. show the effect that cell phone have on our Tranceivers.  Video 7. looks at risk and Relative risk of catskiing and changing goals for conditions.    If you have any questions please call or email us.  

Part 1. Transceivers

Part 2. Probing.

Part 3. shoveling and digging

General hazard briefing - Most important


Video 5 - effect of GoPros on Tranceivers

Video 6. effect of cell phones on Transceivers


Video 7. How risky is cat skiing?   This video looks at historical risk - future risk levels may be different.

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